About Charlie

"My whole life has been about art. I have always liked painting and started off with simple and more design-approached ideas. Further along the line, I developed my skills for oils and watercolours, which are my now preferred mediums. Nowadays, I always keep a selection of paintings hung up in my front window as our area likes to see them."

"I like to work in the most simple and broad way possible. I use limited brush strokes and keep fresh colours which don't require intense mixing. I hope to inspire people with colour creating atmosphere - I love subtle and atmospheric colours reflecting the changing mood of the subject in front of me."

"I take all my inspiration from people such as David Curtis ROI RSMA, David Pilgrim ROI, and Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA. I started off by finding out about Ron Ranson. His loose and minimal approach to watercolour took me. From him, I found other artists through his books and have evolved from there. Additionally, I am very grateful to David C for supporting me and getting me involved with events."